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Our membership is growing larger by the day thanks mainly to the satisfaction of our members.

Here are the comments of just a few of our many happy subscribers.

“I wouldn’t even thing about leaving this site for another tips site, not after the amazing tips I have received from Jack. This site is head and shoulders above other tips sites.”
quote Oliver Shao
“I’ve tried several different tips sites over the years and I must say that BTTSWinTips is by far the best. From your tips to your customer service, everything is first class.”
quote Chen Hsiao
“I was a betting novice when I found BTTSWinTips so I probably didn’t appreciate the quality of tips I was receiving as much as I should have. Since I’ve made friends in football punter circles I’ve realized just how lucky I have been.”
quote Harry Williams
“If you want to win more BTTS bets this is the site for you. I’m honestly amazed at how accurate the tips are here at this site. I’ll be a subscriber for life.”
quote George Davies
“I used to belong to two sites but I’ve since canceled the other membership and only use this one – that’s how good this site is. I’m winning 75% of my bets and thanks to the money management tips my bankroll is larger than I ever hoped it would be.”
quote Jacob Thompson
“This is absolutely the best BTTS tips site. Other sites don’t even compare.”
quote Noah Harrison
“I’ve tried a few other tips sites and none come close to BTTSWinTips. This site offers everything a punter needs – high win rate tips, good odds and email delivery of tips.”
quote William Bell
“I’m able to enjoy football again. Back when I was betting on my own I used to be a nervous wreck. It got to where I couldn’t even watch matches. But now I can watch them again because I’m not worried. The tips from BTTSWinTips win practically all the time. This site and its tips are the best.”
quote Charlie Tseng
“There is a reason Jack is known as the BTTS expert – because his tips are deadly accurate. I credit all of my betting success to this wonderful site.”
quote Thomas Palmer
“I was just about to give up betting on football matches all together when I found this site. Now my bankroll is bigger than ever. Join this site if you want to win more BTTS bets.”
quote Oscar Wei Lo
“I love Jack’s tips. I can count on them to arrive like clockwork and they win at least 75% of the time. For my money, he’s the best tipster out there.”
quote Johhny Day
“I’m not one to go out of my way to give someone compliments but the job Jack has been doing at deserves recognition. He is the best BTTS tipster working today.”
quote David Ch'en
“I highly recommend BTTSWinTips to anyone looking to place BTTS bets on upcoming football matches. This site does the analysis normal working people just don’t have the time to do. This site is definitely worth the money.”
quote Ivan Howarth

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